Due to every piece of stone being different all Realholds are individually tested to ensure the will withstand certain stresses.

We carry out a torque test on each hold to 15% more than our recommended torque, we also conduct high impact tests on what we deem to be the weakest part of the hold when in place. Once the tests have been carried out and the hold is deemed safe then it gets an ink stamp with the year in which it was last tested.

Although we have done these tests it does not mean the hold is unbreakable, although stone is a very strong product it can be also be brittle and high impact from other objects can cause them to break, so care has to be taken with Realholds. Below is a few dos and don’ts for the use and installation of Realholds:

  • The hold must be secured to a perfectly flat surface (ie plywood)
  • The hold must be free from damage when fitted, if a hold is dropped then it needs to be checked and tested for defects and cracks before installing.
  • Never tighten the hold more than our recommended torque
  • Always use both the rubber and steel washers as indicated in our installation guide.
  • The hold must be fitted flush to the wall, not overhanging corners etc.
  • Always where appropriate safety gear when using and installing Realholds, including helmets
  • Even when all safety measures are adhered to Realholds can fracture by accident. This should be taken into account at all times and safety measures put in place while climbing on Realholds.