Realhold climbing holds are all individually unique in grain structure, shape and therefore different holds will withstand different pressures and torques. Due to this fact we have to set up every single hold on a rig and test its weakest point, and test its bolting capability above the recommended British standard torque setting. This is by no means a guarantee that the hold will not break at some point during its life but if the installation is executed correctly and the stone is never over tightened then it should preform well under normal usage. Below is a guide to how to install your Realhold climbing hold correctly to your wall.

Check the area round the t-nut to ensure that it is clean and flat for the climbing hold to sit on. If it’s not then this needs to be sanded down slightly to ensure the complete back of the hold is going to be touching the wall, otherwise localized pressure points maybe exerted on the stone which could cause it to fail upon fixing or using the hold.

Checking the wall

Once the area is flat and ready to receive the hold you can check that the bolt length protrudes from the climbing hold enough to bolt on securely. We usually try and ensure the bolt protrudes at least 25 mm from the back of the hold once installed. However we recommend that the bolt makes at least four full rotations into the t-nut before its secure. So if your T-nut is set back from the face of the climbing wall by more than 20 mm you may need to purchase longer bolts.

Protruding Bolt

Your Realhold will be provided with one rubber washer, one steel washer and the M10 fixing bolt. DO NOT use any other method of fixing the realhold. The rubber washer is to be pushed into the countersunk hole first, followed by the steel washer, followed by the bolt. The rubber washer vital for the Realhold to perform properly as it reduces point loading from the bolt head. Please do not install real holds without the rubber washer. If in doubt contact us first.

bolting up Realholds

Wind the bolt in by hand first, then holding the Realhold at the desired angle of rotation use a torque wrench with the correct Allen key fitting  and tighten the hold to a torque setting of 15Nm

climbing hold torque