Where can I buy Realholds from?
Our online shop is now live and Realholds can be purchased here through our secure payment facility. Soon we will be stocking the brand in outdoor shops and will provide a list of retailers shortly.
Is the Realhold made from real stone?
Yes, Realholds are all made from natural stone sourced from around the UK and tested to ensure they will withstand the tests of artificial climbing walls. 
What do they feel like?
Realholds has tried to bring natural stone onto the indoor climbing market, we sell several different types of rock and different finishing styles including natural rough stone to smoother edged products to alleviate wear on the skin when being used often. Having sourced rock from environmentally friendly areas that closely match the consistency of your favorite climbing spots, we believe we’ve got its a good as it can get.  
Can I get holds in sizes other than you have online?
Having worked in the aggregate and stone business for most of our lives here at Realholds we really know our stones! we have setup countless rigs to test the strengths and weaknesses of the holds. We’ve also done our homework, inspecting specific regions of the country and analysing data on stones. This has meant we have worked out how to ensure the stones keep their strength after the machining process and obviously the smaller holds require a stronger material. So we have to limit how small we can take some of the stones in the climbing holds to ensure they meet the our standards for strength and safety. 
How is the hold tested?
Visual inspections, Torque testing and impact testing are just some of the tests which your Realhold will have gone through before you receive it.  
What shapes will I get in a 10 pack?
Obviously with the climbing holds being 100% natural stone every pack is going to differ in shapes. and you will get a varied selection within the size range stated on the website.  Soon we will be making specific packs of slopers, crimps, footholds etc. Keep an eye out on our new products page for more details
Can I collect and choose my own shapes?
We do offer a collection service and have a number of holds on stock most of the time. However in busy periods we do end up running on a “making to order” basis so please email us to check stocks of the stone types you’re interested in before travelling.
How do I install a Realhold?
Realholds are machined with a flat edge and a countersunk hole intended for an M10 Hex key fitting.  So they fit to artificial walls just like resin holds. However we do have a recommended torque setting which must be adhered to and you will also be supplied with a rubber washer which must be used in conjunction with the M10 steel washer on your fixings to reduce the risk of point loading on the climbing hold.  For more details please see our installation guide.
Why do you use rubber washers with realholds?
Each climbing hold supplied by realholds will come with a rubber washer. This must be paced between the stone and the M10 steel washer you will have on your fixing bolt. This is to reduce the impact of point loading on the natural stone surface behind the washer. 
What bolts do I need to buy?
Realholds are designed to work with the standard M10 Hex key fixing used on most climbing walls. Each hold will come with an M10 bolt, rubber washer and a standard steel washer. Please see our installation guide for more details